Health responsibility

          The health sector – both public and private – is among the most delicate sectors that make up a country’s social system. Therefore, there is no room for imbalances in the process of assuring the performance and quality of medical services, especially when it comes to the realization of treatments involving the use of modern technologies, surgical operations or compliance with the rules on the preservation of biological samples, medication and of the substances used in the medical act.

          Therefore, absolute responsibility is one of the most important challenges in the delivery of health services, and the creation, maintenance and improvement of all the conditions necessary for the salvation of human lives are vital to achieving this goal.

          The power supply of the medical and hospital units has a major role to play in all the processes involved in this system. For any critical situation, however, where there is no mistaking, Energen offers you diesel generators, gas and uninterruptible UPS power sources specially designed to ensure the continued operation of any in-house energy consumer.

          Thus, our diesel generator safety systems are ready to take over the power supply of the entire unit, while the UPS will ensure that this takes place automatically without having no interruption of the power supply.