The era of ​​speed requires additional measures for permanent connections

          People’s need to be permanently connected to a communication source has reached new dimensions in the digital age we live in. Thus, the world has become dependent on constant access to telephony, internet, radio and television, and an interruption of these connections can cause waves of dissatisfaction among network users and can lead to real business disasters in almost any sector.

          It is therefore essential for telecommunication networks to maintain their service delivery to the highest standards. Moreover, in the case of mobile telephony and the Internet, ensuring speeds that meet even the most demanding market demands is vital.

          The equipment on the telecommunication towers have to cope with any situation, so that network users benefit from a stable connection wherever they are. And to make this possible, powering the electrical panels of shelters or minishelters should be the ultimate concern of the intervention teams.

          Energen offers you diesel generators and UPS uninterruptible power sources designed to provide continuous powering of your telecommunication equipment so critical situations do not affect their operation in any way.

          Moreover, our remote control services can be helpful when the location of a tower does not facilitate rapid intervention.