Energy for Education

          The technological advances made in the last decade and the dynamics in which society operates have a strong influence on the education system as well.

          Thus, the “school of the future” must be based on programs focused on supporting the development of a constructive organizational culture in educational establishments, and students, students and teachers must have all the necessary conditions for conducting educational activities.

          Among these most important conditions are the continuous power supply. Both the educational progress and the safety of children in schools depend on this resource, which is now vital to any sector in the social environment and beyond.

          So to prevent potential emergency situations, Energen is at your disposal with Diesel Generator Safety Systems and Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS designed to ensure the continued operation of all current consumers in educational establishments, regardless of the situation.

          In the event of a power outage or a fault affecting the power supply process, our generators are ready to take over the power supply of the enclosure, while the UPS will ensure that this happens automatically without there is a power outage moment.