Safety in power supply for the proper functioning of the state institutions’ systems

          Regardless of the sector they are part of, state institutions have enormous responsibilities for the services the company needs to operate in an organized manner. Thus, from Education, Health, Finance and Public Administration, to Justice, Citizen Safety, Home Affairs and National Defense, any institution has to fulfill its role without any impediment when it comes to servicing citizens. 

          And, at the basis of the operation of any installations, devices and equipment used in this respect, is certainly the power supply. A simple power outage can seriously affect any of the systems used in public sectors, hindering the smooth running of things and causing significant damage in the millions of records held by each state institution.

          Energen offers you diesel generating sets and uninterruptible UPS power sources designed to ensure the continuous operation of electricity consumers, regardless of the situation.

          Our diesel generator safety systems are prepared to take over the power supply at any time, a critical situation occurs, and UPS systems will ensure that this happens automatically without feeling any moment of lack of power supply equipment in the institution or its effects.