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Electricity is more than the “fuel” of the apparatus around us. It is an important part of our daily life. From the light bulb to the most sophisticated computer systems, electricity makes everything work and make our life better.

Thus, we cannot imagine life without electricity. Ever since the first day it was discovered, this resource has been vital for human evolution, maintaining its importance to this day. And history bears witness to all the social and anthropic transformations that electricity has brought. Lighting of houses and streets, the industrial revolution, the Internet – all have been catalyzed by access to electricity.
Being dominated by technology, today’s world has reached phenomenal speeds that allow no instantaneous power interruption. For this reason, using the generator is not a luxury, but rather a necessity. With the capacity and experience required to understand the needs of customers, ENERGEN offers prompt solutions to those in need of efficient energy services.

Whether we are talking about medical equipment or sound systems for an outdoor festival, our company offers solutions that ensure their operation in perfect conditions, regardless of the situation. Our knowledge and experience in the field recommend us as partners in the projects that you carry out or dream to undertake!

Our service division ensures the maintenance of the generator sets and offers support throughout Romania. Also, our customers can benefit from high quality technical services through our sales network. These products are useful in various fields, perfectly matching with your needs.

We invest in long-term collaborations.

Our system represents an efficient and complete power supply solution, easy to configure, so that it satisfies a wide range of energy needs.

ENERGEN is a reliable partner that provides people with uninterrupted power solutions by improving energy services, designing and installing high quality generators designed to exceed customer expectations.

ENERGEN Company specializes in the design, manufacture and selling of power generators, offering to the clients the technical consulting, training, installation and maintenance services.

Due to our vast experience, we can offer efficient solutions even in the most difficult conditions for large projects such as construction, telecommunications, data centers, hotels, residential buildings, supermarkets, sports centers, hospitals, research centers, educational institutions. and industrial factories throughout the country.

Your partners in any project.

Innovative energy solutions, based on the most advanced technologies.

ENERGEN offers high quality Power generators, approved with international quality certifications and equipped with the best engines in the world and with known alternators for the performance it offers, so that to satisfy the requirements of all projects for different production ranges and offering technical assistance services.

All production activities are carried out in accordance with ISO criteria, as well as laws and principles regarding working conditions related to environment and health.

Based on a team of professional and well-trained people, we aim to be competitive in terms of providing professional products and high quality services.

We are not only thinking about the present, but also about the future, offering to our customers an easier life with advanced technologies and innovative energy solutions.

Energen is among the most reliable and recognized companies in this sector, offering:

Electricity supply through an optimal solution to maintain the confidence and comfort of customers;

Technical assistance in due time for offering continuous services and for monitoring the products, thus preventing the problems.

Products at reasonable prices and having the highest quality, by respecting all the regulations in force;

Close and continuous collaboration with the suppliers, ensuring the improvement of the offered results and services.

Mission and perspectives of the future

Our mission is to meet the electricity requirements of end-users and service providers throughout the country, in order to keep their activities uninterrupted with the highest quality products at reasonable prices.

The fundamental values of our company give the products reliability, quality, innovation and sustainability.

Thanks to our products exclusively designed and oriented to the needs and services of our customers and also based on a constant improvement approach, we will continue to add value to our life.

Moreover, through the experience we have gained over the time, we have continuously improved the quality of our services.

We intend that in the future to act in accordance with the legal requirements through our integrated management system, established in accordance with our vision, mission, principles and values, thus contributing to sustainable development.

Our vision – uninterrupted power for continuous evolution!

The solutions offered by Energen include a variety of applications, such as healthcare, commerce, events or telecommunications, so that your projects will don’t have any limitations in development.

Our vision for the systems and equipment we build is the quality. We combine our knowledge and experience with the passion for the energy field, in order to provide to our customers the equipment having the highest quality standards. We also make ongoing efforts to improve our production process and delivery times.

Energen has its production line in Romania and exports equipment to over 6 countries, being present with sales offices in the UK and France. However, we do not stop only to deliver very good products, we are also involved in your projects. Energen offers all the necessary support as a result of the sales process, so that the solutions offered by our company to be integrated fast and efficient.

Our team makes sure that the effectiveness of the systems used by you so that to get the best efficiency of your acquisition. The technical solutions we offer cover both the simple needs and the most complex needs of your projects. We successfully implement EPS (Energen Paralleling System) for generator sets in parallel, integrate our generators with any BMS (Building Management System) and synchronize the generators with the network.

Thus, whatever the needs of your plan, together we will find the optimal solutions!

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