Continuous workflow

          Electricity is the basic element of development in any industry. The advanced technologies currently available to society and the technical advances made in all areas of activity are due to unlimited access to this resource indispensable to humanity.

          But because we know what a manufacturing process means – designing and manufacturing all the products we offer – we can say that we are not strangers to any of the challenges that can be encountered in the production sector. And the uninterrupted power supply of production lines, equipment that is continuously used in technological operations, and the systems required to ensure continuous workflow is absolutely vital in any industry.

          Energen provides diesel or gas generating sets and UPS uninterruptible power supplies designed to ensure continuous operation of the machines and all other used power consumers so that there is no need to interrupt the team and the production process.

          Thus, in the event of a fault affecting the power supply of the power lines, the Energen diesel generator safety system will be ready to take over the power supply, while the UPS will ensure that this operation takes place automatically, without any time remaining in the power supply of the equipment on the premises.