Optimal conditions for perishable products, even in critical situations

          The basis of the entire economic mechanism consists of the need for consumption, and the satisfaction of this need presupposes the continuous delivery of all the goods and services demanded by the market. Thus, it is absolutely imperative that any consumerism-based business functions impeccably in the relationships it develops with those who appeal to its products.

          Therefore, power supply is one of the most important aspects when it comes to ensuring a constant process of meeting the needs of the consumer and keeping in a proper way all the products for sale, regardless of the category they are part of .

          As a result, universal stores – especially supermarkets, hypermarkets and major shopping centers – have additional needs to carry out their work in optimum conditions and comply with all legislative norms.

          Energen offers diesel and gas generating sets that you can rely on in any critical situation where your equipment and equipment – from refrigerators and freezers dedicated to perishable products to cash registers and light companies – is free of electricity.

          Our continuous UPS systems will also ensure that switching to the generator takes place automatically without any time
interruption of power consumers.