Generating sets and UPS systems for large scale retail

          The trade industry continues to grow strongly, and the main trends that remodel this sector are increasingly focused on quality and promptness. That’s why doing business without flaw is vital in shaping how each player in the market positions their position in the eyes of the most important participant in the process – the customer.

          So, if you do business, it is very important that you have all the necessary resources and emergency backups to make sure you minimize the risk of any factors that might hinder the good things. And electricity is one of the most important resources.

          Regardless of the size of a business in the commercial area, power supply is fundamental, and taking safety measures to prevent possible crises is also essential.

          Knowing all of this from your own experience, Energen offers you the safest back-up solutions for critical moments by offering diesel generating sets and UPS systems specially designed to ensure the continued operation of all equipment used during a electrical interruptions.

          This guarantees the continuity of operation of all the appliances and equipment used, the generators supplying them with electricity, while the UPS will ensure that switching to the generator group takes place automatically without any interruption of the power supply.