Remote Control

          No situations out of control

          No matter how involved you are in your project, you can not even be there permanently! That’s why Energen helps you by providing remote monitoring systems for mobile and fixed industrial equipment. Monitoring is done over the Internet or the telephone network (GSM), depending on your needs and preferences. This way, you’ll always be aware of what’s going on with the equipment you’re using without having to be physically present there!

          How the remote monitoring system can help you

          The main role of the remote monitoring system is to prevent possible failures of the generators used. Thus, this system can prevent unpleasant situations of functional problems of the equipment. In the event of a malfunction, our remote monitoring and control program ensures rapid and efficient direct intervention at the source of the problem so that your generators will be back in operation as soon as possible.

          Who is this service intended for?

          This system helps first of all those companies that do not have human resources (either in terms of number or qualification in the field) for equipment monitoring. It is also extremely useful for equipment located in inaccessible areas, such as, for example, many of the telecommunication towers.

          At the same time, the remote monitoring system is vital where the continuous operation of the equipment is fundamental (for example, in the case of a medical clinic or a production line). This system can transform the outsourcing of surveillance, maintenance and repair of equipment into a very easy transition!

          How does the remote monitoring system work?

          The remote monitoring system ensures 24/7 surveillance of the equipment on
which you use, following a number of functionality parameters. Thus, when any malfunctions or malfunctions occur, the system alerts both the recipient and the maintenance dispatcher in connection with them within a few minutes via SMS and e-mail.

          Remote monitoring allows the execution of remote controls (such as on / off), GPS monitoring of the location of the equipment, rain sensors and display of the available fuel level.