Equipment rental and Constructions

We ensure continuity of construction work

          The construction market is in a continuous growth trend, no matter what sector we are talking about. At the same time, however, the need to streamline work processes and reduce work execution time is more and more intense.

          That is why the electrical connection for the construction of the site should be as well established as possible so that the project can be carried out without any problems regardless of the location in which it is run – in the heart of the city or at a considerable distance from the power grid.

          And for critical situations, where power interruption can affect your workflow, it is very important to become a safety supply that no worksite can do without.

          Energen is at your disposal with the best solutions in this regard, delivering power supply systems with diesel generators and UPS uninterruptible power supplies, specially designed to ensure the continuous operation of all the equipment used, regardless of the situation.

          Depending on your needs, generating sets can only be leased, Energen guaranteeing you, in this case, the same benefits of 24/7 assisted technical assistance and the availability of mobile intervention teams to help you whenever it is needed.