Hotels and Restaurants

Energy solutions for businesses where the comfort and entertainment of the customers takes precedence

          The digitization of the HoReCa domain and changing market needs, largely due to the emergence of new technologies, forces hotels and restaurants to align their services to the highest quality standards.

          There is no room for mistakes when the main activity is to satisfy the customer and provide him with an undeniable experience. That’s why Energen is at your disposal with back-up solutions for possible critical situations caused by power cuts, so that the comfort and good mood of those who benefit from your services are not affected by any unpleasant event.

          Our solutions consist of diesel generating sets and uninterruptible UPS power sources designed to ensure the continuous operation of all current consumers, regardless of the situation.

          In the event of a fault affecting the powering process of your hotel unit or your restaurant, for example, the Energen Power Generator safety system is ready to take over the power supply of the enclosure and our power supply continues the UPS will ensure that this will happen automatically without any interruption of electricity.