Maintenance and Technical Support

         Specialized service in 7 locations across the country and the highest quality spare parts

          Technological progress has made human evolution possible and, implicitly, has facilitated the development of various industries, regardless of the field. Thus, each large-scale project underway needs optimum conditions to be successfully concluded.

          Unforeseen events, however, can occur anytime and anywhere. Energen provides its customers with efficient solutions that meet emergency situations. The technical dispatch team provides 24/7 support, so you can make a referral whenever you have a problem that keeps you in place.

          And if checks fail to find equipment, Energen will provide you with service to diagnose the problems you encounter and the necessary maintenance solutions so that repairs are done as soon as possible.

          With a wide range of spare parts and accessories, our team is trained to provide service at all 7 points of work in Romania: Bucharest, Satu-Mare, Sibiu, Bacau, Cluj, Constanta and Timisoara.

          We offer maximum warranty

          All spare parts will only be fitted by specialist personnel, thus guaranteeing the quality of the repair work. In fact, we only use high-quality work equipment and materials, and we also ensure the maximum guarantee for the products we offer.

          With a solid experience of the maintenance and repair of equipment used for power supply or as back-up for the connection to the power grid, our service division also provides you with the necessary revisions for emergency power supplies so that you can rely on the energy solutions we offer without any worries.