Data Centers

Effective power supply solutions for data centers

          The power supply of data centers is not a 8h / day process. Server rooms require constant power supply from reliable systems that can deliver redundancy, continuity, efficiency and absolute protection under all conditions.

          Therefore, Energen offers you diesel generating sets and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) designed to ensure the continuous operation of data centers, regardless of the situation.

          In the event of a fault affecting the power supply process, for example, the Energen diesel generator safety system is ready to take over the power supply of the data center. This ensures the 100 percent continuity of operation – irrespective of the amount of consumption required – of all servers hosted by the data center and also of the cooling system – known as the largest electrical consumer in a Computer Room, as well as other equipment used.

          In addition, our UPS continues to ensure that this happens automatically without any interruption of the power supply to the equipment on the premises.